Course curriculum

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    Monthly Masterclasses 2021

    • January Masterclass w/ Candace

    • February 2021: How to Create a Profitable Social Media Strategy w/ Tyler Jackson

    • February Masterclass w/ Candace

    • March 2021 Masterclass: Growing Your Business & Income with a Podcast' Masterclass with Lene

    • April 2021 Masterclass: How to Create A Profitable Virtual Event with Brook Borup

    • April Masterclass w/ Candace

    • May 2021 Masterclass: How to Write & Publish Your Best Selling Book w/ Nikkie Pryce

    • May Masterclass w/ Candace

    • June Masterclass w/ Candace

    • June 2021 Masterclass: How to Secure 5-Figure Sponsorships in 90 Days or Less w/ Jessica Chinyelu

    • July 2021 Masterclass: How to Become a Sought After Speaker w/ Casey Sharperson