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This course is great for starters but also for established business owners who want to build, grow & monetize!

Discover More Ways to Make Money with Your Brand

Are you ready to learn exactly how to make money with your business and ideas?

This course is designed for aspiring and current entrepreneurs who are looking to gain clarity about how to make money with their businesses.

The Monetize Your Brand course will help you get on the right track as you build and grow your brand from the ground up!

By the end of this course you will:

  • Learn how to turn your ideas into a money-making income stream
  • Understand how to build a profitable business model
  • Identify business costs and expenses to help you run your business

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Building Your Business

    • Writing the Vision

    • Getting Clarity on Your Vision

    • Establishing Your Brand

    • Entrepreneur Essentials + Mastering Professionalism

  • 2

    Grow Your Business on Social

    • Module 1: Instagram Fundamentals & Algorithm

    • Module 2: The Foundation for a Successful Instagram

    • [DOWNLOADS] Getting Clear on Your Audience + Message

    • Module 3: Creating Transformational Content

    • [DOWNLOAD] Creating Transformational Content

    • Module 4: Maximizing Reach & Engagement

    • [DOWNLOAD] Expanding Your Reach on Instagram

    • 30-Day Content Plan

  • 3

    Monetizing Your Brand

    • Building a Profitable Business Model + Making Money with Your Ideas

    • Monetizing Your Brand Worksheet

    • Instagram to Income Masterclass